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Thank you very much for your support and donation.  I would like to share some more information with you so that you know exactly where your donation is going.

Based in Palmerston North, the Central Energy Trust Wildbase Recovery Centre provides safety, shelter and world-class care for New Zealand native wildlife who need some rehabilitation and increase their fitness levels after they were treated at Massey University’s Wildbase Hospital.

The centre takes care of both patients and resident animals.  The patients are only there for treatment and recovery before they get released back into the wild.  The residents live at the centre permanently due to long lasting injuries where they need to get daily medication, or because they’ve been in captivity all their life and therefore can unfortunately not be released back into the wild.

I've been a volunteer at the center since July 2020, and it's an absolute honor to work with the amazing vet techs, other staff members and all the volunteers who helps out at the centre.  Your donation is much appreciated and will contribute to the well being of both the patient and resident animals.  Thank you so much!

Please click here to visit the Wildbase Recovery website to read more about the fantastic work that they do.

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