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Gemstone Humpback Whale Necklace
  • Gemstone Humpback Whale Necklace

    This item is One of a Kind, and you will receive the exact necklace pictured in this listing. This piece is handcrafted from sustainably sourced raw and recycled sterling silver. Nothing is plated, everything is 100% solid silver.


    This necklace features a handmade sterling silver humpback whale adorned with handmade sterling silver barnacles and a selection of semi-precious gemstones.


    How it’s made: Two layers of solid sterling silver plate sawed out into the humpback shape then soldered together, with a third little layer added to the front flipper.  The eye and every single barnacle was made individually and then soldered onto the body, together with the stone settings and the silver chain. A selection of hand tools and drill bits were used to add even more detail to the body before a patina was added and then polished back again. This is done to highlight the depths and details, as well as add an antique “old worldly” look to the whale.  Finally the stones were set, and a last bit of polish added.


    Semi precious gemstones: Moonstone cabochon, Iolite free-from rose cut.



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